Scout Durwood

Comedienne Scout Durwood: International Woman of Whimsy

out May 19th

A year and a half ago, I had a lunch at a Mexican restaurant with a man named Dave Darling, and my life was forever changed. Six months later (give or take) Dave and I had completed a collection of music that I'd always dreamed of but never thought actually possible: a queer comedy pop music explosion of everything I hold dear in the world. It is with deep honor, and even greater pleasure that I release that explosion unto the world now. TAKE ONE THING OFF is officially available for pre-sale! I am more proud of this album than I have ever been of anything in my life, from the comedy we recorded at The Pack to the piano ballad I never thought I would have the emotional maturity to sing. This album means the entire world to me, and I am so incredibly excited to get share it with you now. Please listen and enjoy.

Bedazzle and be beautiful
Glitter and be gay